#NFLMOCKdraft: Putting the “Mock” Back into the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft brings out thousands of Mock Drafts for the first round every year. On Twitter, @DerekinDenver decided to make a mockery out of the process. In 140 characters or less per point, here is the only MOCK DRAFT. Continue reading “#NFLMOCKdraft: Putting the “Mock” Back into the NFL Draft”

Denver Nuggets Cast of Looney Tunes Bringing Joy in Results

The Denver Nuggets are competing for the third playoff seed in the West with the Memphis Grizzles and Los Angeles Clippers. The cast of characters on Denver is deep with contrasting personalities from Ty Lawson to Javale McGee. The best way to describe this band of players attempting to defy the establishment: Looney Tunes. Continue reading “Denver Nuggets Cast of Looney Tunes Bringing Joy in Results”

Off the Post: Bar Owner Keeping 11-Year Perfect NCAA Bracket Streak Alive

With the NCAA Tournament coming to a close this weekend, this arresting correspondent traveled through America and searched for the man with all the answers. While the odds of winning the Powerball two days in a row are better than predicting a perfect bracket, one man is keeping an 11-year perfect bracket streak alive. He also offered his thoughts on the Final Four and his projected Louisville Cardinals, Wichita State Shockers, Syracuse Orange and Michigan Wolverines. Continue reading “Off the Post: Bar Owner Keeping 11-Year Perfect NCAA Bracket Streak Alive”

Hey Sports Bloggers, Could You Mask Your Opinion in the Form of a Question?

Whether to increase traffic via article clicks, or to wow the prospective viewers with their ability to tackle such questions, sports bloggers everywhere are using the same technique. Instead of drawing a reader in with their title they make it ambiguous in the form of a question. Is this method truly a compelling way of drawing readers in?

Hey sports bloggers, could you mask your opinion in the form of a question?

Yes or No?

As if the bloggers were contestants on Jeopardy this trend keeps bloggers answering your questions.

Answer: “This future Hall-of-Famer who plays shortstop for the New York Yankees is the key to their success. The Yankees have to hope that he has a mostly healthy year if the pinstripes are going to compete for the competitive AL East.”

Question: Who is Derek Jeter?

Now I have not seen the title, “Who is Derek Jeter?” but I have no doubt that the title would be used except that it does not have enough searchable terms, but that’s a different story. The title of that article would likely be “Is Derek Jeter the Key to Success for the New York Yankees?”

The answer: Yes.

I don’t even need to read the rest of the article. I know from the headline that there are only two ways this article can go and that the content is likely to be self-indulgent. This is almost always the case with yes or no question headlines because very few people need 250 words or more to answer a yes or no question.

Answer: The Kessinger household awoke to a startling discovery. When trying to eat their morning breakfast cereal they realized that something was not right. The carton sitting on the counter was not very heavy. The story that led to this development is long and drawn out… (Etc.)

Question: Are we out of milk?

In case it was lost in the content of that very striking paragraph lead about the milk carton, the household in question was in fact out of milk. Now very few people want to read an entire story about milk problems or opinions on the factors leading to the milk cartoon being empty. Yes or No questions do not provide adequate opportunities for critical analysis, nor do multiple-choice questions, but there exists a prevalence of such posts.

Maybe I’m in the minority who is not compelled by an article title that asks a simple question. Perhaps my newfound elitism is finally showing as a blogger. I know many writers, good writers, who are perfectly content with a title like, “Is Peyton Manning better than Tom Brady?” However I would be much more compelled with a title like “Peyton Manning and Tom Brady Arm Their Battleships for Another Round.” Even if the articles are exactly the same, as a reader I am much more compelled by the second title. I am much more willing to give the blog a chance.

In an Internet age with ever growing bloggers and prophetic voices vying for readers’ attention and the Tweeters of the world giving their opinion in 140 characters for less, a flat title can flat line blog traffic. I believe in the idea of always questioning the unanswered questions of our time, even in sports, but questions at the beginning are unsettling for a reader. Use your authority, save the questions for more trivial pursuits.

Fired Denver Pioneers Coach George Gwozdecky Escalates Colorado Avalanche

Monday, the Colorado Avalanche lost to the Detroit Red Wings sinking into last place in the NHL, while the Denver Pioneers fired two-time NCAA Champion coach George Gwozdecky. Unfortunately, neither of the state’s two premiere programs is stirring up enthusiasm that their best days are ahead of them. Nostalgic memories of both teams’ two championships are leaving hockey fans in the region skating on thin ice. With hockey at the highest levels melting before our eyes, it seems that a simple phone call could create a new favorable arrangement. Continue reading “Fired Denver Pioneers Coach George Gwozdecky Escalates Colorado Avalanche”

Colorado Rockies: The Purple Haze of Opening Day Optimism

On MLB Opening Day 2013, the Colorado Rockies do not have the look of a Division Champion. In breaking down the optimism that surrounds the club each spring, this team presents an interesting case. Continue reading “Colorado Rockies: The Purple Haze of Opening Day Optimism”

Colorado Avalanche March Madness More Than a Cinderella Story

March Madness on Ice! There’s no other way to describe the Colorado Avalanche over the last four games. However, unlike the flashy Disney ripoffs of their own shows, the Avs ice version of March madness may finally be translating into a sustainable product. Of course the burgundy and blue showed us this same high-powered attack last March before a nose-dive to end the season. Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche March Madness More Than a Cinderella Story”

Ryan O’Reilly Brings Matt Duchene no Closer to a Stanley Cup

Championship teams have a special feel. Whether in retrospect or as they are developing into the presumptive best team in the league, players often talk about the close knit group that develops on the road to victory. In Denver, former Broncos Super Bowl Champions and former Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Champions talk about how they are still closest with those specific teams. This brings the rift between Ryan O’Reilly and Matt Duchene into context. They are not about to win a championship together. Continue reading “Ryan O’Reilly Brings Matt Duchene no Closer to a Stanley Cup”

Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl: King of the Court or Lord of the Manor?

In the fly-over basketball city known as Denver, Colorado, NBA fans are hungry for relevancy. With a talented young team of rising stars in a post Carmelo Anthony city, the Nuggets are improving, but not an elite team yet. This anxiety has once again turned on the Nuggets head coach, who has over 400 wins with the franchise and is the eighth winningest coach in NBA history. Is George Karl a King of the Court? Is he a master strategist in the NBA, best capable of balancing the young immature egos of rising role players? Or is Karl Lord of the Manor, the elder statesman happy to cash in on an easy paycheck, a playoff team and lowered expectations holding the Nuggets back? Continue reading “Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl: King of the Court or Lord of the Manor?”