Back When the Denver Nuggets were Hipster Cool

Counterculture in the NBA is almost non-existent. The league thrives on three tiers: the elite teams with a superstar (or three), the good teams going nowhere and the bad teams hoping to win the lottery. Continue reading “Back When the Denver Nuggets were Hipster Cool”


In the Mind of Andre Iguodala, Denver Nuggets Were a Pretender

Dagger! That’s what Andre Iguodala sent through the Golden State Warriors back on November 29th last season, when he shot a three pointer at the buzzer for the Denver Nuggets, only to have it waived off after the video review. Defeat in the sight of victory is now a familiar sight for the Nuggets in terms of Golden State. First, the Oakland based team upset the Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs, now they have stolen away the teams only all-star, Iguodala. The Olympic Gold Medalist agreed to aid the Golden State Warriors for the next four years, shunning a more generous offer from the Nuggets. Continue reading “In the Mind of Andre Iguodala, Denver Nuggets Were a Pretender”

Momentum Swing: Denver Nuggets trumped by Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors’ battled hard to take a 2-1 series lead over the Denver Nuggets with a 110-108 victory in Oakland. In an attempt to defy the popular perception that basketball games are decided in the last few minutes, this article attempts to track momentum in the Game 3 of the series. The ability to carry momentum and stop momentum is as important in basketball as making free throws.

Continue reading “Momentum Swing: Denver Nuggets trumped by Golden State Warriors”

Denver Nuggets Cast of Looney Tunes Bringing Joy in Results

The Denver Nuggets are competing for the third playoff seed in the West with the Memphis Grizzles and Los Angeles Clippers. The cast of characters on Denver is deep with contrasting personalities from Ty Lawson to Javale McGee. The best way to describe this band of players attempting to defy the establishment: Looney Tunes. Continue reading “Denver Nuggets Cast of Looney Tunes Bringing Joy in Results”

Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl: King of the Court or Lord of the Manor?

In the fly-over basketball city known as Denver, Colorado, NBA fans are hungry for relevancy. With a talented young team of rising stars in a post Carmelo Anthony city, the Nuggets are improving, but not an elite team yet. This anxiety has once again turned on the Nuggets head coach, who has over 400 wins with the franchise and is the eighth winningest coach in NBA history. Is George Karl a King of the Court? Is he a master strategist in the NBA, best capable of balancing the young immature egos of rising role players? Or is Karl Lord of the Manor, the elder statesman happy to cash in on an easy paycheck, a playoff team and lowered expectations holding the Nuggets back? Continue reading “Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl: King of the Court or Lord of the Manor?”