New Denver and its culture is built around Coors Field

My first Colorado Rockies Opening Day was a decade ago. Thinking about the Denver of the late-2000’s compared to now, it feels like a different place entirely. Lower Downtown is more than a couple of streets—it’s now a couple of neighborhoods. The ballpark district has joined LoDo as the place to be around baseball.

My first opening day, 10 years ago, was the year after the Rockies won the National League Pennant. My friend Aaron and I attended the 2007 play-in-game and found ourselves back at Coors Field for Opening Day 2008. We skipped classes our junior year of high school and headed to the ballpark.

The Rockies lost that day, but we made the memories you seek at a big event like Opening Day. We have been patrons in the Opening Day crowds several times since then, ready to ring in another baseball season.

Little did we know how much the ballpark area we were walking around would change. The Democratic National Convention took place in Denver later that summer. Some cite the event as the beginning of modern growth in Denver. Our identity as a well-kept secret hidden by the mountains was out.

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