Tragedy strikes on a random Tuesday sports night

On Tuesday night a variety of fan bases were on display in Denver, Nashville, San Antonio and Philadelphia. Another fan base was thrown into terror in Manchester, England.

These were my two worlds on Tuesday night—the world of tragedy in Manchester and the world of sports from my couch. While I waited for news on Manchester, I forced myself to focus on the only escape route in front of me—the sports world. When the sports night ended, I returned to Manchester and the grief I felt for the victims.

In a lot of ways, it was just another sports night in May, but it also served as a window into what makes each group of fans unique. Continue reading “Tragedy strikes on a random Tuesday sports night”

In an extended playoff drought, breaking Denver’s dry spell

15 months have passed since the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50. None of Denver’s four major teams have made the playoffs since then. Each team has a chance to break the drought, but none are guaranteed to do so.

Denver is no stranger to dry spells. We hide in the Rocky Mountains’ rain shadow, where the East Coast media can’t seem to find us. In between snowstorms, the last two decades have also included wildfires and water restrictions. Continue reading “In an extended playoff drought, breaking Denver’s dry spell”

After Patrick Roy burned the Colorado Avalanche down

The Colorado Avalanche are going to finish as one of the worst established NHL teams in history. With a new low for the franchise, the team is still wounded by Patrick Roy’s abandonment. Could the loss of Roy also hold the key to the future?

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Ex-Coach Patrick Roy has no ring to it

Derek Kessinger is a graduate of the University of Colorado who has covered Denver sports, and in particular hockey, for several years. He appears on 5280 Sports Network as a guest commentator.

Patrick Roy made a selfish move. The NHL Draft was six weeks ago, and Joe Sakic made it clear at that time that the team would move forward with its core. That’s Sakic, the Avalanche’s vice president of hockey operations and general manager — and Coach Roy’s boss. So if the media and fans knew, the Avalanche’s coach and VP must have also known.

So what’s he been doing for the past six weeks? Continue reading “Ex-Coach Patrick Roy has no ring to it”