Colorado Avalanche Playoffs: Widespread Panic

Does playoff hockey come with a warning label for those with heart conditions? After a Game Three overtime loss (the Minnesota Wild’s Mikael Granlund slipped one past the Avs’ goalie), we’re wondering if fans should consult their doctor to see if they’re healthy enough for a Stanley Cup run.

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Boston Sports Fans Reign of Terror is Officially Over

It took only 17 seconds, but it ended with Boston fans being a reminded that they are a little too prone to choking. For a town synonymous with Bill Buckner, Boston sports has been a little too prosperous in the championship category. Since the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001, the football team has three championships; the Boston Red Sox have won two, while the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics both grabbed a title. Continue reading “Boston Sports Fans Reign of Terror is Officially Over”

What the NBA Finals Had That the NHL Stanley Cup Finals Do Not

The NBA Finals storyline for the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs focused on the Big Three (LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade) trying to repeat against the most dominant three players of the last decade (Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli). The NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins in plainly stated terms features two original six teams from big cities trying to win the best trophy in the world. Continue reading “What the NBA Finals Had That the NHL Stanley Cup Finals Do Not”

Colorado Avalanche Milan Hejduk’s 1,000th game, My First as Press

Milan Hejduk described several times his first NHL goal in his first NHL game in 1998.  Joe Sakic and Keith Jones assisted as the Colorado Avalanche lost to the Ottawa Senators 5-3. It was an unremarkable game if not for that goal, but years later, as Sakic delivered his former Stanley Cup Champion line mate his silver stick, it suddenly had significance. Last night, Hejduk joined Sakic as the only players to play over 1,000 games with the Quebec Nordiques/Avalanche. Hejduk is the lone player with the accomplishment while playing only for the Avalanche. Colorado lost an unremarkable 1,000th game to the Dallas Stars 3-2, but it had great significance to me. Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche Milan Hejduk’s 1,000th game, My First as Press”