Past Performance Contradictions In Rockies’ Second Half

With the Colorado Rockies looking to make the playoffs in the second half, many believe the script for the National League is set in stone. The Rockies’ volatility still might result in a surge or a plunge. Continue reading “Past Performance Contradictions In Rockies’ Second Half”


Growing Pains from Colorado Rockies Baseball

As the losing streak wears on, Colorado Rockies fans are getting worn out. Is Colorado prepared for the grind that lies ahead of them if they want to embrace baseball?

During this losing streak, the only thing surprising about the result was the time—1:00 AM. The walk-off win for the San Francisco Giants was the inevitable ending of the 14-inning game Tuesday night. A long slog of innings could only delay the Rockies demise—as they failed to grab big hits and extra bases. Continue reading “Growing Pains from Colorado Rockies Baseball”

Rockies Summer Plan is to win the National League West Crown

The Colorado Rockies find themselves in a three-team National League West Pennant Race with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers. This is how baseball reaches peak excitement.

We’re coming up on three straight months of good baseball in Colorado—all in the first half of the season. As the summer heat scorches the rising number of fans heading to Coors Field, we’re gearing up for an extended summer of Rockies baseball. Even better, the Rockies are finally finding out what makes regular season baseball great. Continue reading “Rockies Summer Plan is to win the National League West Crown”

Tragedy strikes on a random Tuesday sports night

On Tuesday night a variety of fan bases were on display in Denver, Nashville, San Antonio and Philadelphia. Another fan base was thrown into terror in Manchester, England.

These were my two worlds on Tuesday night—the world of tragedy in Manchester and the world of sports from my couch. While I waited for news on Manchester, I forced myself to focus on the only escape route in front of me—the sports world. When the sports night ended, I returned to Manchester and the grief I felt for the victims.

In a lot of ways, it was just another sports night in May, but it also served as a window into what makes each group of fans unique. Continue reading “Tragedy strikes on a random Tuesday sports night”

The Cubs would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids

The Colorado Rockies rookie starting pitchers deserve all of the praise for knocking off the Chicago Cubs this week. While it’s unbelievable to type, it was through pitching that the Rockies deserved to beat the Cubs.

Without looking, I can say this for certain the Colorado Rockies have never won a series against the defending World Series Champions based on the performance of three rookie pitchers. That is, until this week. In the second week of May 2017, the Colorado Rockies won two out of three against the Chicago Cubs with rookies controlling the mound. Continue reading “The Cubs would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids”

You aren’t a Coloradan until you’ve experienced life as a suffering Rockies fan

The argument between Coloradans and transplants is heating up as the Denver Metro Area continues to evolve. As a native Coloradan, I know that it’s our Rockies fandom that divides us into categories. Also, Coloradans are supposed to be nice.

In the streets of LoDo, a culture war is being fought over the soul of the Mile High City. While this might sound like hyperbole, ask anyone in Denver. They will give you an emotionally charged opinion on Denver’s changes. One question to ask both natives and transplants, what makes a true Coloradan? Continue reading “You aren’t a Coloradan until you’ve experienced life as a suffering Rockies fan”

In an extended playoff drought, breaking Denver’s dry spell

15 months have passed since the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50. None of Denver’s four major teams have made the playoffs since then. Each team has a chance to break the drought, but none are guaranteed to do so.

Denver is no stranger to dry spells. We hide in the Rocky Mountains’ rain shadow, where the East Coast media can’t seem to find us. In between snowstorms, the last two decades have also included wildfires and water restrictions. Continue reading “In an extended playoff drought, breaking Denver’s dry spell”

The Hope the Colorado Rockies are Selling this Year

I don’t believe the Colorado Rockies can break our hearts anymore. This team has disappointed its fans for too long to truly break anyone’s heart. If the Rockies lose 100 games this year, we’ll relish those last losses because the Rockies will have turned back into the pumpkin we knew they were. If this team barely misses the playoffs or loses a wildcard game, they’ll have exceeded all expectations. Continue reading “The Hope the Colorado Rockies are Selling this Year”

Cheering for Purple Calming As Baseball Season Nears

The Colorado Rockies are giving baseball fans something else to think about amid the barrage of political division in our country. While purple may be a mix of red and blue, it has the power to calm both sides. Continue reading “Cheering for Purple Calming As Baseball Season Nears”