Amid Colorado Rockies’ Woes, Arenado Era Begins

After a Colorado Rockies victory, it’s a common sight—Nolan Arenado holding audience with the assembled media in the clubhouse. In his third Major League season, Arenado’s maturity at the plate is reflected in his thoughtful answers to questions about unbelievable fielding plays and rising home run totals. At 24 years of age, the two-time Gold Glove winner is trying to carry the Rockies to higher ground. It’s his team after all.

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Rockies 162: A Tweet a Game

The #Rox162 project captures the reason each Colorado Rockies game is memorable in their 2015 campaign with a single tweet.

With 162 games, the individual games within a baseball season can run together. However, even the seemingly random games have moments that fans remember months later. While no one is picking the Colorado Rockies to make the World Series, the #Rox162 project captures the reason each Rockies game is memorable in their 2015 campaign with a single tweet. To suggest future summaries send tweets to @DerekinDenver with the hashtag #Rox162

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The Joy of the Rockies’ Opening Day

You can find reasons to admonish almost everything about the Colorado Rockies—from the mascot to the management. But you must admit, Denver does opening day right. Fans literally paint the town purple as though they are paying homage to Katharine Lee Bates’s famous line in “America the Beautiful”: “For purple mountain majesties.” Fans pack LoDo bars hours before the first pitch, then stroll down to the local diamond—Coors Field. While Dinger is the unwelcome relative at the party, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” greets your ears like an old friend. Patrons pack the park from the rooftop bar to the outfield concourse in hopes of a home run and a Rockies victory.

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Colorado Rockies’ Starting Pitching Is a Purple Haze

A dark cloud engulfed Colorado Rockies fans last summer as the Mile High City met another lost season with resignation. Since 2009’s playoff berth, this sense of defeat is a summer ritual in Denver. Usually, spring training and the Arizona temperatures burn off some of the haze and inject optimism into the club. This year, the trucks carrying the team’s gear have not yet returned from spring training, and already I’m seeing little hope for the 2015 Rockies.

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Todd Helton, The Colorado Rockies Last Great Cowboy

Todd Helton could have as easily gone down as the last great cowboy of the west instead of the greatest Colorado Rockies player of all time. Yes, he loves the outdoor hunting and ranch life, but it’s more in the way he carries himself. Helton’s patience at the plate is similar to that of a great leading man in a western taking his time, serving as the shadow of the law. In Colorado, Helton has been the stoic first baseman as everyone around him moves. Continue reading “Todd Helton, The Colorado Rockies Last Great Cowboy”

Colorado Rockies Streak Argument Wearing Thin, Despite Desperation

The mantra around the Colorado Rockies is, we need to get on a hot streak. The 51-57 Rockies are now 7.5 games out of first place in the National League West Division, the weakest in baseball. However, everyone around the club keeps echoing that the Rockies are one streak away from competing again. As a rule, this is a bad philosophy for baseball, but it is standard line for the Rockies. Continue reading “Colorado Rockies Streak Argument Wearing Thin, Despite Desperation”

The Colorado All-Star Roster From Manning to Tulo

The Major League Baseball All-Star game is the last exhibition of star talents that still holds great weight. The NFL’s Pro Bowl and NHL’s talented contests are little more than skills competitions, while the NBA continues to align all-star rosters to a few teams. While MLB may foolishly decide home field advantage in the World Series based on this game, the games classic matchups continue to provide a mystical quality in the combining of National League rosters versus the American League. Continue reading “The Colorado All-Star Roster From Manning to Tulo”

Colorado Rockies Underwhelming Offense Cannot Lift Team to All-Star Break

The Colorado Rockies return home with black and purple bruises hidden only by their uniforms. A nine game 2-7 road trip mercifully ended, with five games swept by the American League Boston Red Sox and Toronto Bluejays. With 17 games between the Rockies and the All-Star Break, a strong seven-game home stand and passable ten-game road trip could keep the team in contention in the National League West. Gasping for air, can Michael Cuddyer and the Rockies keep the team alive until some midsummer relief?
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Colorado Rockies: The Purple Haze of Opening Day Optimism

On MLB Opening Day 2013, the Colorado Rockies do not have the look of a Division Champion. In breaking down the optimism that surrounds the club each spring, this team presents an interesting case. Continue reading “Colorado Rockies: The Purple Haze of Opening Day Optimism”