Nuggets must remove all barriers around Nikola Jokic while helping him grow

The Denver Nuggets remain in “development” this year as their playoff dreams continue to spin away like an errant pass that won’t stay inbounds. There is one question above any other that needs to become the franchise motto. Every personnel, coaching and development decision needs to answer this question: “How does this make Nikola Jokic better?”

Right now, Jokic is a potential NBA star waiting in the wings. Denver hopes he ascends to great heights—more than his 6’10” frame. His unstoppable offensive game, at its best, is more than other teams can handle. Unfortunately, Jokic and the Nuggets are inconsistent, with Jokic sometimes disappearing altogether from games.

Thus, this team is still just about potential. Now, to be fair, it’s a lot of potential. Jokic, triangulated with guards Gary Harris and Jamal Murray, all but oozes a series of tantalizing glimpses of what might become.

Potential, however, goes in two directions. It is either actualized into results or erodes and becomes wasted potential.

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