Among Colorado’s four major sports teams, Avalanche find themselves in best shape

The Colorado Avalanche still have chance at a playoff spot! What a turnaround, right?

Last year they deserved the attention of a street performer who tries to play their shoe like a flute — it had comedic appeal, until it got too painful and you had to stop looking. That crash-and-burn mentality only looks good on a team that’s trying to lose. The Avalanche established themselves as the worst NHL team in the last decade.

So competing for a playoff spot with a month left in this year’s season is amazing.

A young, exciting team that’s making progress — one with an emerging superstar and tons of potential for the future — now that’s worth paying attention to.

The Avalanche are fighting for their playoff lives right now. They seem to like their own chances better than the hockey world at large does. They may not earn a playoff berth this year, but they still have a shot. In the NHL, if you make the playoffs, you have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. If they don’t make it to the postseason this year, it’s still a huge step forward after the horror story that was last season. The future is bright.

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