The National League should adopt a Hybrid Designated Hitter

As the Colorado Rockies play in the National League, the debate about the designated hitter (DH) is a common topic of conversation. To escape talking and even thinking about the Rockies recent bullpen woes, let’s instead consider a new way to think about the hitter’s spot in the National League (NL).

The rest of baseball has abandoned pitchers. The American League, minor leagues, and even colleges don’t have pitchers hit. It’s no wonder that pitchers serve almost no statistical purpose hitting in Major League Baseball. I’m happy to change other league’s rules back to having pitchers hit, but I don’t think that will happen.

However, I’m opposed to just adopting the designated hitter rule in the NL. The National League changing to the American League DH rule would kill many of the strategic elements of the game.

Currently, an AL manager doesn’t have to deal with the tough decisions like when to leave a pitcher in the game when his batting spot is due up, managing benches and double switches. It’s much more like playing a video game and going through the motions. This is why I don’t want to abandon the idea of having a pitcher’s spot in the batting order, but it could be tweaked.

Instead of a regular DH, I propose a hybrid DH.

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