As Colorado Avalanche reach for new heights, more peaks ahead

For Game 3 and 4 of the Colorado Avalanche-Nashville Predators series, Pepsi Center in Denver was a tough place for the visitors to play. The crowd was in hysterics. It propelled the Avalanche to victory in Game 3 and almost pulled them back from behind in Game 4.

The thing I missed most about playoff hockey during much of the last decade was the atmosphere at a home game. There’s really no other experience in sports quite like the end-to-end intensity of a consequential hockey game. With the fate of your season resting on a small black disc, every bounce of the puck is mesmerizing. In the playoffs, each save is a close call and goals are either blessings or curses.

The Pepsi Center crowd during the last couple of games had an intensity and optimism for a new era of Avs hockey. After years of being an NHL afterthought, the crowd took over the game. The crowd seemed to know they were part of the event — more self-aware of their influence on the game.

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