The Most Important Moments From the Denver Broncos Preseason

As the NFL Preseason Ends, here is a look back at the most important conversations around the Denver Broncos this year. Let’s treat the preseason with the reverence and respect it deserves.

The preseason exists so that the NFL can receive more money from its season ticket holders and TV affiliates. Its role includes boring football and injuries to key players. With that in mind, a lot of really interesting things happened to the Denver Broncos this pre-season. Unfortunately, most of the conversations were about Trevor Siemian vs. Paxton Lynch.

Still, here were my favorites (real and imagined): Continue reading “The Most Important Moments From the Denver Broncos Preseason”

Urging Denver Broncos Fans to Fight Their Prejudice

This column is for fans tired of the Denver Broncos quarterback debate between Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian in training camp.

I’m in the third camp for the Paxton Lynch vs. Trevor Siemian debate. I believe that the conversation is overhyped to the point of foolishness. I reluctantly delve into the mind-numbing nature of the Paxton Lynch vs. Trevor Siemian debate. I hope that some fans agree that the Broncos should field the best team regardless of the preferred quarterback.

We are now in the realm of the “Us vs. Them” mentality when it comes to the Siemian vs Lynch Denver Broncos starting quarterback debate. The other side is the enemy. Continue reading “Urging Denver Broncos Fans to Fight Their Prejudice”

Not Another NFL Head Injuries Column

It’s time for Denver Broncos Training Camp, which means you’re probably forcing yourself to not think about how many head injuries will take place over the next seven months that will have long-term implications for NFL Players. These NFL Players need our help.

I have a list in my head of sports topics that no longer need to be debated. They are topics that get a lot of play on sports talk radio, in blogs and in conversation. Literally, everything that needs to be said about them has been said. Without a dramatic shift in information, I don’t need to hear any more of these opinions. Just cite an old piece. Here’s a sample of some of those topics: Continue reading “Not Another NFL Head Injuries Column”

Remembrance Through Hockey

Derek Kessinger talks about his connection to his friend Jessica Redfield Ghawi through the Colorado Avalanche and hockey. Jessi died five years ago in the Aurora Theater Shooting.

One of the great joys I find in watching hockey is the puck movement. I love having an intuition about where the puck is on the ice, even when I can’t see it. The body language of the players and the puck’s previous trajectory take over in my brain. Continue reading “Remembrance Through Hockey”

Past Performance Contradictions In Rockies’ Second Half

With the Colorado Rockies looking to make the playoffs in the second half, many believe the script for the National League is set in stone. The Rockies’ volatility still might result in a surge or a plunge. Continue reading “Past Performance Contradictions In Rockies’ Second Half”

Growing Pains from Colorado Rockies Baseball

As the losing streak wears on, Colorado Rockies fans are getting worn out. Is Colorado prepared for the grind that lies ahead of them if they want to embrace baseball?

During this losing streak, the only thing surprising about the result was the time—1:00 AM. The walk-off win for the San Francisco Giants was the inevitable ending of the 14-inning game Tuesday night. A long slog of innings could only delay the Rockies demise—as they failed to grab big hits and extra bases. Continue reading “Growing Pains from Colorado Rockies Baseball”