Collection of Thoughts on NFL Protests

A year into peaceful protests in the NFL, it looked like the protests were settling into a rhythm. Then President Trump attacked NFL players, challenged NFL owners and went after the Golden State Warriors.

The obliteration of any autonomy between sports and politics has sent shockwaves through my system as a journalist and sports fan.

This is a collection of articles, videos and comments that really moved me. I recommend taking the time to read every article and watch every video. This is a conversation of nuance and not one well suited for social media. To be well informed on any issue, you must see multiple perspectives.

I’m proud to be a patriotic American, where freedom extends to speech, journalism and protests.  Continue reading “Collection of Thoughts on NFL Protests”


Not Another NFL Head Injuries Column

It’s time for Denver Broncos Training Camp, which means you’re probably forcing yourself to not think about how many head injuries will take place over the next seven months that will have long-term implications for NFL Players. These NFL Players need our help.

I have a list in my head of sports topics that no longer need to be debated. They are topics that get a lot of play on sports talk radio, in blogs and in conversation. Literally, everything that needs to be said about them has been said. Without a dramatic shift in information, I don’t need to hear any more of these opinions. Just cite an old piece. Here’s a sample of some of those topics: Continue reading “Not Another NFL Head Injuries Column”

Seeing the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals

It was the ghosts of the Denver Nuggets Past, Present and Future in the NBA Finals. The series was full of redemption, remorse and anxiety over how long the Golden State Warriors can be great.

The Denver Nuggets were well connected to the NBA Finals for a team that missed the playoffs entirely. In a year where the finals felt predetermined from the moment the Golden State Warriors signed Kevin Durant to match LeBron James’ Cavaliers, it might be easy to discount everything that happened in the NBA this year.  However, I’m still thinking about the 2016-17 season through a lens focused on the Denver Nuggets. Continue reading “Seeing the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals”

Tragedy strikes on a random Tuesday sports night

On Tuesday night a variety of fan bases were on display in Denver, Nashville, San Antonio and Philadelphia. Another fan base was thrown into terror in Manchester, England.

These were my two worlds on Tuesday night—the world of tragedy in Manchester and the world of sports from my couch. While I waited for news on Manchester, I forced myself to focus on the only escape route in front of me—the sports world. When the sports night ended, I returned to Manchester and the grief I felt for the victims.

In a lot of ways, it was just another sports night in May, but it also served as a window into what makes each group of fans unique. Continue reading “Tragedy strikes on a random Tuesday sports night”

MOCKING THE DRAFT: What NFL fans really want to see on Thursday night

After you’ve read all of the other mock drafts, check out the strangest things that might happen in the first round. This mockery draft includes new National Anthem controversies, irrational fears, ridiculous controversies, bad puns and new mascots. Continue reading “MOCKING THE DRAFT: What NFL fans really want to see on Thursday night”

The Immoral Incentive for MLB, Alex Rodriguez and Bud Selig

As Alex Rodriguez stepped to the plate for his first at bat of the year, a line drive, baseball felt very stale. The story of the latest performance enhancers in Major League Baseball, Biogenesis, has been circling since the beginning of the year. However, as the New York Yankees Network YES and ESPN cashed in on the return of A-Rod, it was another notch in this morally ambiguous play as Rodriguez fights his pending 211 game suspension. MLB and sports at large are content in giving us villains, so what is the incentive for living well in this most recent modern era? Continue reading “The Immoral Incentive for MLB, Alex Rodriguez and Bud Selig”