Don’t Talk Guns, Race, or Justice in George Zimmerman Case

Initially, I believed that the George Zimmerman trial was not a terribly important one. It represented an isolated incident that the media was blowing up to turn into a headline grabber like Casey Anthony or what will become of Aaron Hernandez. While I was saddened about the death of teenager Trayvon Martin due to gun violence, it was neither isolated nor high profile in the public mind. People die everyday at gunpoint. Once a trial was set, it seemed that justice would run its course. Continue reading “Don’t Talk Guns, Race, or Justice in George Zimmerman Case”

The Misguided Telling of the Aaron Hernandez Story

Pull up a chair America because we have two years of high profile, but little action television ahead of us. Ever since the story broke a couple of weeks ago that former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was connected to the murder of Odin Lloyd, the sports world and news world has jumped on the story like it’s a fumble at the goal line. There is very little real story here and no one in the news seems to want to focus on what actually happened. Continue reading “The Misguided Telling of the Aaron Hernandez Story”