Jessica Redfield Ghawi, Continuing the Legacy of a Sports Journalist

When researching an article about the motivations and struggles of becoming a female sports journalist, no one could give a better perspective than Jessica Redfield Ghawi. Jessica, who died in the Aurora theatre shooting just over a year ago, was determined, personable and committed to the task of breaking into a still male- dominated profession. The Jessica Redfield Ghawi Scholarship Fund, established in her memory, helps aspiring female journalists looking to achieve similar career dreams. However, the road for these women still requires grappling with stereotypes and proving their worth in a male-dominated career. Continue reading “Jessica Redfield Ghawi, Continuing the Legacy of a Sports Journalist”

Don’t Talk Guns, Race, or Justice in George Zimmerman Case

Initially, I believed that the George Zimmerman trial was not a terribly important one. It represented an isolated incident that the media was blowing up to turn into a headline grabber like Casey Anthony or what will become of Aaron Hernandez. While I was saddened about the death of teenager Trayvon Martin due to gun violence, it was neither isolated nor high profile in the public mind. People die everyday at gunpoint. Once a trial was set, it seemed that justice would run its course. Continue reading “Don’t Talk Guns, Race, or Justice in George Zimmerman Case”

The Fourth of July, The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened

Independence Day, a day so engrained in every American’s mind, we simply call it the Fourth of July. The day invokes scenes of a nation partying once a year, like Gatsby’s summer guests in line for a grand celebration—soaked in hot dogs, beer and watermelon. Fireworks light up the night as we toast the grand experiment of freedom and supremacy. We celebrate our ancestors, our service men and our pioneer spirit in the grand exercise of democracy. Continue reading “The Fourth of July, The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened”