The Fleeting Hope of a LeBron James Denver Legacy

This is the kind of in-between article that can only exist before an event like free agency when a big question hangs over everything in the NBA. The question: Where is LeBron James going to end up? The answer is, of course, probably not Denver. However, there are enough breadcrumbs leading to the Mile High City that the current answer isn’t “definitely not Denver.” Plus, the Nuggets current roster has the pieces to build around James.

The first person to wear a new Denver Nuggets jersey at a press conference could be LeBron James. This is a weird concept that loops in images of both Peyton Manning in orange and Carmelo Anthony in baby blue (I’ll get to those two).

In a couple of weeks, this analysis will be nothing more than an alternative time capsule for what the Denver Nuggets could have been. For now, it’s fun to think that Denver could rent the King. Or, more accurately, that the King could rent the Nuggets.

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