Colorado Avalanche Playoffs, “Save By Roy”

If we’d asked you what you would be doing on April 21 before the Colorado Avalanche season started, we doubt that many of you would have responded, “watching the Avs in the NHL playoffs.” Even fewer of you would have predicted that the Avs would be up by two games.

Yet here we are, prepping to cheer during tonight’s Game Three. What made the difference? Colorado Avalanche Broadcaster Mike Haynes may have said it best when he quipped that this was a “Save By Roy.”

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Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche Need Veterans Affairs Committee

In comparing the two Kroenke-owned Pepsi Center franchises, Andre Miller fills the same role on the Denver Nuggets as J.S. Giguere occupies on the Colorado Avalanche. Both players backup key positions, provide experience and are veteran voices in the locker room. Additionally, Giguere and Miller both suddenly find themselves at odds with their first year coaches and could soon be looking for houses in other cities.  Continue reading “Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche Need Veterans Affairs Committee”

Unmasking Semyon Varlamov, His Accuser and the Colorado Avalanche

In the past week, both Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy and center Matt Duchene have talked about the adversity a hockey team faces over the course of the season. Before Semyon Varlamov’s arrest, the Avs biggest adversity this season stemmed from a second period deficit against the Winnipeg Jets in a game that the Avalanche ultimately won. After the goaltender’s arrest for domestic violence, adversity has a new sticking point for a team that has won ten out of their first eleven games. Continue reading “Unmasking Semyon Varlamov, His Accuser and the Colorado Avalanche”

Nathan MacKinnon Finally Makes the Colorado Avalanche Offensive Again

The Colorado Avalanche grabbed Nathan MacKinnon with the number one pick in the NHL Draft. They did not trade the pick or blow the decision or do anything else that would lead fans to believe that the next leadership in Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic are taking the team in a questionable direction. While it’s still too hot for the ice to freeze, the same question awaits this years Avalanche. Can they score? Continue reading “Nathan MacKinnon Finally Makes the Colorado Avalanche Offensive Again”

After First Pick in NHL Draft, Are the Colorado Avalanche Close to Contending?

The Colorado Avalanche have the number one pick Sunday’s NHL Draft and are expected to take Nathan MacKinnon, but could still end up with another elite prospect in Jonathon Druin or Seth Jones. The organization had huge front office turnover during the off-season, and now Hall-of-Fame players Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy are running the show. Colorado looks to transform a team that finished last in the Western Conference, but how far away is this club from the upper tier of NHL teams? Continue reading “After First Pick in NHL Draft, Are the Colorado Avalanche Close to Contending?”

Timer to Colorado Avalanche Coach Patrick Roy’s Departure Starts Now

Patrick Roy’s honeymoon period ends with the first Colorado Avalanche losing streak. From there, he’s working on borrowed time. It is perhaps the biggest curse of the National Hockey League; coaches’ leashes are shorter than kids dragging their Mom’s around the mall with a tethered backpack. Success is only measured in wins and even the greatest goaltender of all time will not get a free pass from his old team. Continue reading “Timer to Colorado Avalanche Coach Patrick Roy’s Departure Starts Now”

Colorado Avalanche: The Importance of Bringing in Patrick Roy

The Colorado Avalanche and new Vice President of Hockey Operations Joe Sakic are in search of a new coach. Hall-of-Fame Goaltender Patrick Roy, who won four Stanley Cups between the Avalanche and Montreal Canadiens, may be the perfect fit. With his name being thrown into the ring, would Roy thrive in his first NHL coaching job? Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche: The Importance of Bringing in Patrick Roy”