Unmasking Semyon Varlamov, His Accuser and the Colorado Avalanche

In the past week, both Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy and center Matt Duchene have talked about the adversity a hockey team faces over the course of the season. Before Semyon Varlamov’s arrest, the Avs biggest adversity this season stemmed from a second period deficit against the Winnipeg Jets in a game that the Avalanche ultimately won. After the goaltender’s arrest for domestic violence, adversity has a new sticking point for a team that has won ten out of their first eleven games. Continue reading “Unmasking Semyon Varlamov, His Accuser and the Colorado Avalanche”


Jessica Redfield Ghawi, Continuing the Legacy of a Sports Journalist

When researching an article about the motivations and struggles of becoming a female sports journalist, no one could give a better perspective than Jessica Redfield Ghawi. Jessica, who died in the Aurora theatre shooting just over a year ago, was determined, personable and committed to the task of breaking into a still male- dominated profession. The Jessica Redfield Ghawi Scholarship Fund, established in her memory, helps aspiring female journalists looking to achieve similar career dreams. However, the road for these women still requires grappling with stereotypes and proving their worth in a male-dominated career. Continue reading “Jessica Redfield Ghawi, Continuing the Legacy of a Sports Journalist”

The Colorado All-Star Roster From Manning to Tulo

The Major League Baseball All-Star game is the last exhibition of star talents that still holds great weight. The NFL’s Pro Bowl and NHL’s talented contests are little more than skills competitions, while the NBA continues to align all-star rosters to a few teams. While MLB may foolishly decide home field advantage in the World Series based on this game, the games classic matchups continue to provide a mystical quality in the combining of National League rosters versus the American League. Continue reading “The Colorado All-Star Roster From Manning to Tulo”

Nathan MacKinnon Finally Makes the Colorado Avalanche Offensive Again

The Colorado Avalanche grabbed Nathan MacKinnon with the number one pick in the NHL Draft. They did not trade the pick or blow the decision or do anything else that would lead fans to believe that the next leadership in Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic are taking the team in a questionable direction. While it’s still too hot for the ice to freeze, the same question awaits this years Avalanche. Can they score? Continue reading “Nathan MacKinnon Finally Makes the Colorado Avalanche Offensive Again”

After First Pick in NHL Draft, Are the Colorado Avalanche Close to Contending?

The Colorado Avalanche have the number one pick Sunday’s NHL Draft and are expected to take Nathan MacKinnon, but could still end up with another elite prospect in Jonathon Druin or Seth Jones. The organization had huge front office turnover during the off-season, and now Hall-of-Fame players Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy are running the show. Colorado looks to transform a team that finished last in the Western Conference, but how far away is this club from the upper tier of NHL teams? Continue reading “After First Pick in NHL Draft, Are the Colorado Avalanche Close to Contending?”

Colorado Avalanche Make Right Move Passing on Seth Jones


Colorado Avalanche Vice President Joe Sakic announced that the team will pass on Seth Jones with the NHL Draft’s first overall pick and instead elect to pick a forward, probably Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Drouin or Alexander Barkov. While Seth Jones, a defenseman with strong Colorado ties, had been projected as the number one choice, MacKinnon is likely the man who lured the Avalanche away and for good reason. Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche Make Right Move Passing on Seth Jones”

Timer to Colorado Avalanche Coach Patrick Roy’s Departure Starts Now

Patrick Roy’s honeymoon period ends with the first Colorado Avalanche losing streak. From there, he’s working on borrowed time. It is perhaps the biggest curse of the National Hockey League; coaches’ leashes are shorter than kids dragging their Mom’s around the mall with a tethered backpack. Success is only measured in wins and even the greatest goaltender of all time will not get a free pass from his old team. Continue reading “Timer to Colorado Avalanche Coach Patrick Roy’s Departure Starts Now”

Colorado Avalanche: The Importance of Bringing in Patrick Roy

The Colorado Avalanche and new Vice President of Hockey Operations Joe Sakic are in search of a new coach. Hall-of-Fame Goaltender Patrick Roy, who won four Stanley Cups between the Avalanche and Montreal Canadiens, may be the perfect fit. With his name being thrown into the ring, would Roy thrive in his first NHL coaching job? Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche: The Importance of Bringing in Patrick Roy”

Fired Denver Pioneers Coach George Gwozdecky Escalates Colorado Avalanche

Monday, the Colorado Avalanche lost to the Detroit Red Wings sinking into last place in the NHL, while the Denver Pioneers fired two-time NCAA Champion coach George Gwozdecky. Unfortunately, neither of the state’s two premiere programs is stirring up enthusiasm that their best days are ahead of them. Nostalgic memories of both teams’ two championships are leaving hockey fans in the region skating on thin ice. With hockey at the highest levels melting before our eyes, it seems that a simple phone call could create a new favorable arrangement. Continue reading “Fired Denver Pioneers Coach George Gwozdecky Escalates Colorado Avalanche”

Colorado Avalanche March Madness More Than a Cinderella Story

March Madness on Ice! There’s no other way to describe the Colorado Avalanche over the last four games. However, unlike the flashy Disney ripoffs of their own shows, the Avs ice version of March madness may finally be translating into a sustainable product. Of course the burgundy and blue showed us this same high-powered attack last March before a nose-dive to end the season. Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche March Madness More Than a Cinderella Story”