Denver Nuggets Cast of Looney Tunes Bringing Joy in Results

The Denver Nuggets are competing for the third playoff seed in the West with the Memphis Grizzles and Los Angeles Clippers. The cast of characters on Denver is deep with contrasting personalities from Ty Lawson to Javale McGee. The best way to describe this band of players attempting to defy the establishment: Looney Tunes.

Ty Lawson-Road Runner: That sound defenders hear when Ty Lawson speeds by them is nothing more than a “meep meep” before the Road Runner coverts the two points on a layup. The Pepsi Center staff employs this sound effect on Lawson’s fast breaks. Consequently, the Nuggets future success relies on Lawson staying fast and furious.

Andre Miller- Wile E. Coyote: Andre Miller is often described by coach George Karl as a “genius” of sorts. However, for all of Miller’s scheming, he can’t ever seem to catch his counter-part, the Road Runner Lawson, on the court. Can the Coyote’s planning lead the Nuggets to the NBA Finals?

Andre Iguodala- Bugs Bunny: The master of ceremonies. While not as outgoing as the original Looney Tunes head, Andre Iguodala is equally as smart. On the court he toys with opponents, wearing down even the toughest foes, while off the court, he delivers quips, matching Bugs. With the intelligence to become a doctor, it seems only appropriate to address Iguodala, “Eh, What’s up Doc?”

Kosta Koufos- Daffy Duck: Give Kosta Koufos the most improved Nugget award, but he still receives the fewest cheers from the fans.  When Javale McGee gets screams of admiration on nights he contributes, there has to be some jealousy from Koufos. Unfortunately, Kosta is stuck on the second tier of fame. “That’s Despicable”

Evan Fornier- Pepe Le Pew: He’s French. I’m sure he chases women. I mean he’s still a teenager. 

Kenneth Faried- Tasmanian Devil: The Tasmanian Devil terrorizes every creature on Earth, much like Faried on the basketball court. He’s the first to the boards in all situations and takes out anything in his path.

Javale McGee- Foghorn Leghorn:  Javale Mcgee was the hardest Nugget to classify as a Looney Tune because he already acts like a cartoon character. Foghorn Leghorn is easily the most confused Looney Tune, carrying out plans that sometimes have little bearing on the reality. As Ben Hochman wrote last weekend for the Denver Post, there are many layers to Mr. McGee. Hearing him say, “I say, I say,” before every statement would be entertaining.

George Karl- Marvin the Martian: George Karl’s Nuggets are looking to ruin the modern basketball world. The Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla crowed that George Karl’s emotions are not reminiscent of a earthling NBA coach anymore. Whether that is true or not, Karl may be able to ruin NBA star power basketball or it could blow up in his face. Either way, he’s my favorite Martian. 

Corey Brewer- Sylvester: Sylvester is one of my favorite Looney Tunes. I really like his favorite catchphrase, “sufferin’ succotash,” and I always wanted him to catch Tweety Bird. However, he doesn’t have a lot of sustainable characteristics that define him as a cartoon character apart from other Looney Tunes. Similarly, Corey Brewer is fast, efficient and easily forgotten on this court of characters.

Wilson Chandler- Elmer Fudd: Elmer Fudd enjoys shooting, but he has a wide variety of other hobbies from baking to bird watching. Similarly, Chandler likes shooting and scoring baskets,  but he also plays defense and rebounds well too. Chandler is battling with Andre Iguodala (Bugs Bunny) for playing time and he’s going to get that Wascally Wabbit.

Danilo Gallinari- Yosemite Sam: Shoot first, ask questions later. That is both Danilo and Yosemite’s motto. I also really like the idea of Gallinari wearing a cowboy hat since he is the Nugget with the most fashion sense.

Timofey Mosgov- Porky Pig: When Mosgov comes into the game, give a wave and say, “ble, ble ble, that’s all folks!” because the Nuggets are either too far ahead or too far behind to compete.

Anthony Randolph- Tweety Bird: I want to like Randolph. I think he has more talent than he shows in most games, but there is not enough playing time for him. I feel that way about Tweety Bird, there are too many other good Looney Tunes to give Tweety Bird playing time.

Jordan Hamilton- K-9: The little known character is Marvin the Martian’s dog. He often gets blamed and scolded by Marvin during failed quests. I feel like Hamilton has that same relationship with George Karl.


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