Denver Nuggets: Masai Ujiri Exits, For Better or Worse?


The Denver Nuggets may still right the ship after losing General Manager Masai Ujiri to the Toronto Raptors. Fans are disgusted with President Josh Kroenke’s inability to keep the man responsible for transforming the Nuggets, but there is still time for the organization to save face. The same swell of disapproval erupted in 2010 when then Executive of the Year Mark Warkentien was expelled with the rest of the front office; a move the Denver Post’s Mark Kizsla claims drove Carmelo Anthony out of town. Is the new Nuggets’ brass capable of continuing the Nuggets renaissance? Continue reading “Denver Nuggets: Masai Ujiri Exits, For Better or Worse?”

Colorado Buffaloes Bold Move Another Blunder

The University of Colorado decided to change the direction of its Athletic Department. Unfortunately no one seems to know what the end goal is for the Colorado Buffaloes. As Mike Bohn was forced to resign on Tuesday without explanation the Colorado community has no promise of better days or an outline for what went wrong under the Athletic Director’s tenure. The University leadership, President Bruce Benson and Chancellor Phil DiStefano, apparently woke up one day last week and decided to make the change on a whim. With no reason forthcoming from the powers around the University, why should the Colorado Buffaloes’ supporters have any optimism for the next phase of CU Athletics? Continue reading “Colorado Buffaloes Bold Move Another Blunder”

Timer to Colorado Avalanche Coach Patrick Roy’s Departure Starts Now

Patrick Roy’s honeymoon period ends with the first Colorado Avalanche losing streak. From there, he’s working on borrowed time. It is perhaps the biggest curse of the National Hockey League; coaches’ leashes are shorter than kids dragging their Mom’s around the mall with a tethered backpack. Success is only measured in wins and even the greatest goaltender of all time will not get a free pass from his old team. Continue reading “Timer to Colorado Avalanche Coach Patrick Roy’s Departure Starts Now”

Colorado Avalanche: The Importance of Bringing in Patrick Roy

The Colorado Avalanche and new Vice President of Hockey Operations Joe Sakic are in search of a new coach. Hall-of-Fame Goaltender Patrick Roy, who won four Stanley Cups between the Avalanche and Montreal Canadiens, may be the perfect fit. With his name being thrown into the ring, would Roy thrive in his first NHL coaching job? Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche: The Importance of Bringing in Patrick Roy”

Momentum Swing: Denver Nuggets trumped by Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors’ battled hard to take a 2-1 series lead over the Denver Nuggets with a 110-108 victory in Oakland. In an attempt to defy the popular perception that basketball games are decided in the last few minutes, this article attempts to track momentum in the Game 3 of the series. The ability to carry momentum and stop momentum is as important in basketball as making free throws.

Continue reading “Momentum Swing: Denver Nuggets trumped by Golden State Warriors”

Denver Nuggets Cast of Looney Tunes Bringing Joy in Results

The Denver Nuggets are competing for the third playoff seed in the West with the Memphis Grizzles and Los Angeles Clippers. The cast of characters on Denver is deep with contrasting personalities from Ty Lawson to Javale McGee. The best way to describe this band of players attempting to defy the establishment: Looney Tunes. Continue reading “Denver Nuggets Cast of Looney Tunes Bringing Joy in Results”

Fired Denver Pioneers Coach George Gwozdecky Escalates Colorado Avalanche

Monday, the Colorado Avalanche lost to the Detroit Red Wings sinking into last place in the NHL, while the Denver Pioneers fired two-time NCAA Champion coach George Gwozdecky. Unfortunately, neither of the state’s two premiere programs is stirring up enthusiasm that their best days are ahead of them. Nostalgic memories of both teams’ two championships are leaving hockey fans in the region skating on thin ice. With hockey at the highest levels melting before our eyes, it seems that a simple phone call could create a new favorable arrangement. Continue reading “Fired Denver Pioneers Coach George Gwozdecky Escalates Colorado Avalanche”

Colorado Rockies: The Purple Haze of Opening Day Optimism

On MLB Opening Day 2013, the Colorado Rockies do not have the look of a Division Champion. In breaking down the optimism that surrounds the club each spring, this team presents an interesting case. Continue reading “Colorado Rockies: The Purple Haze of Opening Day Optimism”

Colorado Avalanche March Madness More Than a Cinderella Story

March Madness on Ice! There’s no other way to describe the Colorado Avalanche over the last four games. However, unlike the flashy Disney ripoffs of their own shows, the Avs ice version of March madness may finally be translating into a sustainable product. Of course the burgundy and blue showed us this same high-powered attack last March before a nose-dive to end the season. Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche March Madness More Than a Cinderella Story”