Colorado Rockies: The Purple Haze of Opening Day Optimism

On MLB Opening Day 2013, the Colorado Rockies do not have the look of a Division Champion. In breaking down the optimism that surrounds the club each spring, this team presents an interesting case. Continue reading “Colorado Rockies: The Purple Haze of Opening Day Optimism”


Colorado Avalanche March Madness More Than a Cinderella Story

March Madness on Ice! There’s no other way to describe the Colorado Avalanche over the last four games. However, unlike the flashy Disney ripoffs of their own shows, the Avs ice version of March madness may finally be translating into a sustainable product. Of course the burgundy and blue showed us this same high-powered attack last March before a nose-dive to end the season. Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche March Madness More Than a Cinderella Story”

Ryan O’Reilly Brings Matt Duchene no Closer to a Stanley Cup

Championship teams have a special feel. Whether in retrospect or as they are developing into the presumptive best team in the league, players often talk about the close knit group that develops on the road to victory. In Denver, former Broncos Super Bowl Champions and former Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Champions talk about how they are still closest with those specific teams. This brings the rift between Ryan O’Reilly and Matt Duchene into context. They are not about to win a championship together. Continue reading “Ryan O’Reilly Brings Matt Duchene no Closer to a Stanley Cup”

Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl: King of the Court or Lord of the Manor?

In the fly-over basketball city known as Denver, Colorado, NBA fans are hungry for relevancy. With a talented young team of rising stars in a post Carmelo Anthony city, the Nuggets are improving, but not an elite team yet. This anxiety has once again turned on the Nuggets head coach, who has over 400 wins with the franchise and is the eighth winningest coach in NBA history. Is George Karl a King of the Court? Is he a master strategist in the NBA, best capable of balancing the young immature egos of rising role players? Or is Karl Lord of the Manor, the elder statesman happy to cash in on an easy paycheck, a playoff team and lowered expectations holding the Nuggets back? Continue reading “Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl: King of the Court or Lord of the Manor?”

Colorado Avalanche Milan Hejduk’s 1,000th game, My First as Press

Milan Hejduk described several times his first NHL goal in his first NHL game in 1998.  Joe Sakic and Keith Jones assisted as the Colorado Avalanche lost to the Ottawa Senators 5-3. It was an unremarkable game if not for that goal, but years later, as Sakic delivered his former Stanley Cup Champion line mate his silver stick, it suddenly had significance. Last night, Hejduk joined Sakic as the only players to play over 1,000 games with the Quebec Nordiques/Avalanche. Hejduk is the lone player with the accomplishment while playing only for the Avalanche. Colorado lost an unremarkable 1,000th game to the Dallas Stars 3-2, but it had great significance to me. Continue reading “Colorado Avalanche Milan Hejduk’s 1,000th game, My First as Press”