John Elway and the lost boys

Only the lonely know what John Elway is going through right now.

I’m not saying he ate Thanksgiving alone, but on Black Friday, you can imagine Elway sitting alone in his Denver Broncos office thinking about the path ahead. Maybe Gary Kubiak, a current adviser, walks in the door to talk football, but Kubiak relinquished any appreciable power he had over the team’s direction when he stepped down as coach. Now this is all Elway’s team.

The Denver Broncos President of Football Operations and General Manager is in a position in the organization without opposition. Without obvious delegation of leadership — this team has become Elway’s mess.

In recent years he had Peyton Manning and DeMarcus Ware on the field, John Fox then Kubiak and Wade Phillips on the sidelines. These were powerful people in football who could at least question Elway’s actions and hold them in check.

Right now, Elway may answer to Joe Ellis and the Bowlen family trust, but no one else is questioning him.

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