The Rockies ruin baseball for the better

The Major League Baseball community is never going to legitimize the Colorado Rockies. It’s time to admit. Despite the ending of their most-fun season from start to finish, the Rockies still found themselves out of any conversation once they were eliminated from the playoffs.

No major accolades for Charlie Blackmon’s historic leadoff performance. No mention of German Marquez and Kyle Freeland’s scores in the prized WAR (wins above replacement) category when it came to Rookie of the Year voting. No acknowledgment that Nolan Arenado was equal to any player in baseball. Gold Gloves are participation trophies for his defense.

Silence — other than a couple of snide remarks about Coors Field being a hitter-friendly park as a historic number of home runs slipped over the fences in the playoffs.

The whole thing exasperates me. In a sport plagued by steroids, drugs, spitballs, juiced balls, corked bats and stats separated by segregation, it’s hard to believe that a harmless ballpark could taint baseball so profusely.

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