Super Bowl: What to Know If You Haven’t Watched a Broncos Game All Year

Just because you live in Colorado doesn’t mean you know squat about football (or care). But the collective Super Bowl spirit is contagious. If all the excitement has you wanting to jump on the Broncos’ bandwagon, you should probably brush up on the basics before tomorrow’s game. Here, a crash course to expedite you to a Super Bowl XLVIII conversationalist.

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Tweet That: Who to Follow on Twitter During the Super Bowl

If you are watching the Super Bowl from the comfort of your home, but still want a mass fan experience, you need to have Twitter open during the game. During last year’s Super Bowl, Twitter broke its own record for most tweets sent per second (a record which has since been broken). For Broncos fans looking for instant reaction during Super Bowl XLVIII, follow this list of people who are also obsessed with 140-character morsels of knowledge.

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Denver Broncos Peyton Manning Better Than Ever After Philosophy Shift

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has reached the point in his career where a nostalgic gleam, an old fashion glow, a hope for the old days should greet his appearance on the field. Maybe John Elway was able to lead the Broncos at the end of his career to Super Bowls, but outside of the Comeback Kid himself, age is a number that matters in the NFL. However, the early returns on Peyton Manning are breathtaking, rather than nostalgic.

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For Denver Broncos, the Regular Season is the Main Event

It seems funny that an offseason removed, the Denver Broncos 2012 season is defined by the only game that occurred in the 2013 calendar year. The divisional round loss at home to the Baltimore Ravens is a wound that will not go away. Continue reading “For Denver Broncos, the Regular Season is the Main Event”