2018: A better year in Denver sports conversations

One thing was clear when reviewing the combined internet a year ago: From sports to pop culture to politics, 2016 needed to end. As Americans, we lost a piece of our identity with the crumbling discourse found across social media, the divisive politics and the loss of public icons. Somehow, we thought that the changing of a calendar would ease some of the burden.

January 2017 wasn’t too different from the previous year. We gained confirmation that 2017 was a continuation of 2016 when the New England Patriots rallied from 25 points down in Super Bowl LI. See, it all comes back to sports. In all seriousness, it was just one of the reasons to feel this way.

Of course, now it feels foolish to think that much would change because of the end of the calendar year. The prospects for 2018 don’t seem to bring hope of big changes.

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