John Elway built an offense only he could run

In Kansas City, the most glaring weakness was of course the play of quarterback Trevor Siemian. He has been replaced by Brock Osweiler after three terrible weeks. However, it would take quite the narrow narrative to blame him for all of the Broncos’ sins.

The Broncos’ offense was humiliated at every position. Bennie Fowler dropped a touchdown pass. Demaryius Thomas and Jordan Taylor ran the wrong routes. The offensive line provided, at best, a two-second count before letting Kansas City’s defense run wild (this was actually an improvement from the Chargers game). Jamaal Charles fumbled — on a night when the running game was significantly better.

The continuing problems on offense are primarily due to a lack of talent at almost every position.

In Broncos franchise history, only one quarterback has persevered facing such ineptitude around him.

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