Joe Sakic’s summer to save the Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche Vice President and General Manager Joe Sakic came out of this summer a winner. It’s a weird conclusion to draw, but I can’t see any way around it.

This is the general manager who oversaw the Avs abysmal 22-win season last year. With only 48 points in the standings, and nothing good on the ice, they were the worst team in the last decade. Sakic likely would have been fired if not for the abrupt departure of Patrick Roy before the start of last season.

Piling onto Sakic’s problems, the Avs started feuding with one of their stars last year. The main storyline heading into the summer was that Matt Duchene must be traded. Sakic has not traded him yet. Through the draft, free agency and training camp, Duchene remains.

Sakic received plenty of criticism for both events, but emerged more confident and in control than ever before. His secret was to return to being the stoic figure of his playing days, at least in the public eye.

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